To blog or not to blog

Provan Training writing a blog? I must admit I didn’t envisage this a few months ago. But since creating my Facebook Page for my Personal Training business I’ve really enjoyed sharing posts of my recipes, exercise tips and advice – the positive response I’ve had has been amazing, so why not do more of what I love?

For me a healthy life is more than just being physically fit or eating healthy food. It’s being happy. The happiness that puts a spring in your step and that feeling of wellness and balance in mind and body that keeps anxiety away. I look at each day as a learning experience of gathering tools, education and experiences to achieve that balance and that’s what I want to share. If I can motivate, inspire and make a positive impact on ANYONE’s life, big or small, I don’t care, it makes me happy and that feeling is good.

So welcome to The Provan Way! This is how I do things. It’s not necessarily right or perfect but it’s my life.

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