Friday Body BURN


clementine_pumpitup_barbellHit your ENTIRE BODY this weekend with this workout. You’ll need a medium weight kettlebell, heavy dumbbells and a stability ball (no ball, no problem, option provided).


Excuse the facials throughout the circuit, I was actually working out!!
Kick off the workout with the KETTLEBELL SWING. This is going to blast your entire core. Focus on keeping your belly pulled in throughout the movement to protect your lower back, keeping your weight balanced evenly across your feet. Swing the KB out with straight arms, aiming for full range of motion so your arms are fully extended overhead. At the same time make sure you are ‘popping’ your hips open and squeezing your butt when your hips are in full extension. 30 REPS
      IMG_4598      IMG_4600
DUMBBELL CLEAN & PRESS – these can be a wee bit tricky to get the hang of initially but worth learning as this is two movements in one. Here’s a video of the DB Hang Clean & Press. This requires a lot of stabilization from your trunk. From the standing position, hang the DB’s by your side and dip slightly pushing your butt back so that the DB’s are hanging by your mid thigh. Then jump up, shrugging your shoulders and fully extending your hips, pulling the DB’s onto the shoulders. Try to keep the DB’s as close to your body as possible through the pull. From here, press the DB’s directly overhead, with full extension of the arms. 15 REPS
IMG_4604   IMG_4607   IMG_4605
SINGE LEG ROMANIAN DEADLIFTS – I love these as they are really challenging. They will really test your balance and core strength aswell as strengthen your hammy’s and butt! Great leg exercise. I used a KB for added weight but you can do this with a dumbbell or body weight – just increase the reps if you have no resistance. Hold the weight on same side as the standing leg. With your core locked in tight, bend forward with a straight back, extending your opposite leg straight behind you. This can be performed with a straight leg or a slight bend in it. Tap the weight on the ground and come back up to standing. 12 REPS ON ONE LEG, THEN REPEAT ON THE OTHER – NO REST
IMG_4619      IMG_4618
IMG_4612Follow this with a BACKWARD LUNGE. Standing on a slightly raised step, step your foot back lowering your body into a deep lunge, tapping your knee on the ground. Bring your back foot back to the standing position whilst driving through the front heel and quad. Keep your entire core engaged and squeeze your butt at the end.12 REPS ON ONE LEG, THEN REPEAT ON THE OTHER – NO REST.   Finish up the circuit with a STABILITY BALL CRUNCH. Balance your feet on the ball whilst in the high plank position. Your entire body needs to be engaged to stabilize your body throughout the movement. Keeping your belly pulled in tight, bring your knees into to your body and then push back out. If you don’t have a stability ball, perform plank thrusts on the ground. This is going to BURN your abs!! 20 REPS

IMG_4615      IMG_4616

Complete the CIRCUIT 3 TIMES.

Let me know if you’ve any questions. Have a great weekend!!

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