Thank you for visiting The Provan Way! I’m Sarah Provan, a Personal Trainer, CrossFit L1 Trainer and health enthusiast from Aberdeen, Scotland. Over the years my passion for health and wellbeing has grown so much so that I left behind my career in the corporate world to study Personal Training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine whilst I lived in Houston, USA. It was there that I discovered Crossfit and quickly became hooked by the daily challenges and above all the community. I obtained my Crossfit Certification after a year and coached for the duration of my time there. Coaching and training is an absolute joy for me. Yes I have a slightly bossy nature and love telling people what to do, but fundamentally, helping people reach their goals is what drives me. It’s motivating and very inspiring!

« A healthy body and mind creates the potential for wellbeing and longevity in your life »

I’ve since returned to my home turf of Aberdeen-shire where I personal train out of The Unit Gym & Fitness in Banchory. When I’m not training I’m in the kitchen snapping pictures of my meals and sharing these to help motivate and inspire others. You have to eat well to live well and I hope I help people out there achieve this.
Spreading the love, sharing what I know and learn is what you’ll find here. A mix bag of fitness and workout tips, nutrition advice and healthy living tidbits.
Welcome clients, friends, family and random peeps, it’s not necessarily the proven way, it’s my way.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi.

    I have been blown in from British Virgin Islands and will be in Banchory until December when I hope to return home. I would be interested in doing some Crossfit or more challenging classes. The Unit website isn’t up. How can I get some info?

    take a look at Crossfit Castaway on Facebook….boo.

    Many thanks Sarah


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