Okay time to work up a sweat and burn off any excess calories you may have indulged in over the weekend. I needed to get my butt in gear this morning after a couple of wines last night and tonight I’m heading out for an early birthday dinner with friends! So no doubt more wine!
I posted a video of the BURPEE DEADLIFT, check it out if you haven’t seen it. Grab yourself a timer (you can download an app for your phone). You want to set it to the following 

4 Rounds

1 minute per exercise

30 seconds rest between each exercise

1 minute rest between rounds

You should have a total of 19 minutes on your timer. Make sure you warm up your body sufficiently for at least 5 minutes before kicking off the circuit. Here are your three exercises –
  • Burpee Deadlifts

  • Full Kettlebell Swings

  • Weighted Reverse Lunge

I selected a moderate weight for the kettlebell and used dumbbells for the lunges as the rep range is pretty high with a full minutes work. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Sunday!



It’s a common myth that thirst is a good indicator of your hydration.
When you develop a dry mouth and feel thirsty you are already DEHYDRATED and a glass of water is not a quick fix to rehydrating your bod. Exercising when you’re dehydrated can lead to headaches, dizziness, poor performance, tiring early and cardiovascular stress. It’s gonna be a struggle!
Water makes up approximately 60% of the adult body by weight and you can only survive a few days without it. NASM indicates that a fluid loss of even 2% of your body weight will affect circulatory functions.

TIP – IF YOU ARE TRYING TO LOOSE WEIGHT – Drink an additional 8 ounces of water for every 25lbs above your ideal weight. 

So what can you do to avoid dehydration?
  • Drink regularly throughout the day – get creative and add fresh berries or slices of lemon and lime to your water beaker for added flavour.
  • Eat an abundance of water-rich foods like fruits and veggies – watermelon, melon, pineapple, zucchini, celery tomatoes and spinach.
  • Studies have shown it takes approx 2 hours to hydrate. To avoid a heavy belly of fluid sloshing around during your workout DRINK 2HRS IN ADVANCE.
  • Drink 6-12oz’s of fluid for every 15 to 20 mins of exercise. Stick to water rather than a sports drinks unless you’ve been exercising OVER 60 minutes. 
  • Sports drinks are for endurance based exercise. If you need one, choose one containing up to 8% carbohydrates. Read the small print and watch out for added sugars.
  • Your hydration goal after exercise is to replace sweat losses! 
There is no one size fits all for water, but a standard guide recommended 3L for the average male and 2.2L’s for women. This is for the sedentary person. Therefore drink over and above this if you exercise regularly or live in a hot climate.

TIP – If you take your average daily weight and use this number as your euhydrated (NORMAL) state. Weigh yourself after exercise and ingest 16-24 ounces for every pound of body weight lost! This is a great method for any endurance athletes out there!

Get toned.

clementine_pumpitup_barbellWant to build some muscle and create a lean and toned physique? If you do, then you’re going to have to ditch the daily cardio routine and pick up some weights for strength training. For any physical changes to occur and increase muscle size, you will need to focus on high levels of volume with short rest periods. Increasing the intensity of your training as you progress will be fundamental to seeing results. I speak to lots of women that are afraid to lift weights as they don’t want to get ‘bulky’ – they just want to be toned. The ‘toned’ look that you see, admire and want IS muscle. So to see it you need to build it. The reality is that you can’t and wont build muscle doing cardio.  You also need to eat a substantial amount of the right foods to ‘bulk’ up. So if you’re going to pick up some weight, KB/dumbbells/barbell, select exercises that target multiple body parts – multi-joint exercises. i.e. man makers, renegade rows, squat to press. You want to hit your shoulders, arms, chest, back, legs and core. The more muscles you use, the more calories you will burn. The amount of time you have to train will dictate the number of exercises you can get through. I would suggest spending UP TO 45mins per session on your weight training, plus 15 mins for a good warm-up and cool-down.There’s no need to spend any longer. Any longer and you’re risking overtraining. Plan your workout and keep your session intentional. Hit the following variables –
  • 6-20 reps (big variable, dependent on the weight selected) Super heavy = less reps.
  • 3-5 Sets / Rounds
  • 75%-85% max effort weight – so quite heavy and uncomfortable! You’re last 3 reps should be a real struggle. If you are doing a high number of reps, the load will need to be lighter.
  • Perform your chosen exercises in a circuit fashion – performing 1 set of an exercise and then moving onto the next with as little rest time as possible between i.e. 12 reps squat to press > 12 reps renegade rows 
  • Allow 1-2 minutes rest between circuits
  • Do circuit training every other day
These circuits will be intense and will build strength as well as improve your cardiovascular health. I like short and intense circuits that hit my entire body. IF IT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU, IT WON’T CHANGE YOU!!!

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Try this simple circuit out –
5 Sets / Rounds:
12 Dumbell squat, to press
12 Renegade Rows
20 Full KB Swings

To blog or not to blog

Provan Training writing a blog? I must admit I didn’t envisage this a few months ago. But since creating my Facebook Page for my Personal Training business I’ve really enjoyed sharing posts of my recipes, exercise tips and advice – the positive response I’ve had has been amazing, so why not do more of what I love?

For me a healthy life is more than just being physically fit or eating healthy food. It’s being happy. The happiness that puts a spring in your step and that feeling of wellness and balance in mind and body that keeps anxiety away. I look at each day as a learning experience of gathering tools, education and experiences to achieve that balance and that’s what I want to share. If I can motivate, inspire and make a positive impact on ANYONE’s life, big or small, I don’t care, it makes me happy and that feeling is good.

So welcome to The Provan Way! This is how I do things. It’s not necessarily right or perfect but it’s my life.