Mission impossible?

One of my wonderful clients shared some words of wisdom with me today (thank you Cindy) 

Difficult doesn’t mean impossible

This is so true. So many of us, me included, can find something so difficult that it can SEEM impossible and so we give up. But we are in control of the outcome of our difficulties. I truly believe that if you want something badly, you can make it happen. Nothing in life is easy, we all have our battles but it’s how we deal with them and overcome them that determines our success.
Regardless of the goal, whether it be related to health, career or life in general, it is up to the individual to make things happen. However the environment that you immerse yourself in is just as important. Recently I have felt a great deal of love and support from family and friends and it has been so powerful in keeping me motivated and in a positive frame of mind.
Here are some tips to making the impossible, possible!
Talk it out
We’ve all heard the saying ‘sharing is caring.’ Share your struggles. Confide in a trusted friend or family member about your difficulties. It is highly likely that someone will be able to relate to your struggles or know of someone who has experienced something similar. Knowing that you are not alone can bring so much comfort and feelings of positivity.
As a trainer I encourage my clients to be really open with me about their goals. What do they really want and why.  WHY do they want to be thinner?, WHY do they want to be a size 6? It may lead to uncovering an underlying goal that runs a lot deeper. Once you’ve established these goals, write them down. Be specific. If you have a weight loss goal to lose 30lbs, it’s ain’t going to happen in 3 months.. unless you get a gastric band. Create small and realistic goals i.e. aim to lose a lb a week. This is a far safer and more achievable approach to weight-loss.
How annoying, another saying… ‘failing to plan, is planning to fail.’ You have your goals, now it’s time to build a plan and break it down into steps. How are you going to tackle the goals? Who do you need to recruit to help you? Include a timeline for accountability and track your progress as you go. Always refer back to your original goals as a point of reference.
Be accepting of setbacks
It’s very normal for things to not quite workout as planned. Be aware that this is a possibility and try not to feel discouraged of becoming side-tracked. Stop, refocus on your goals and view these ‘road blocks’ as learning curves. How can you do things differently moving forward so you don’t come up against them again.
Surround yourself with supportive people and remove as much negativity as possible. There’s always someone hanging around that just has to stick their nose in and drop a bit of negativity in your life. Remove them, see less of them. They are probably dealing with their own issues. Share your goals with your loved ones, their support will provide motivation and determination. Hey you might even find you’re working towards similar goals and can really help each other!

Sets & Reps – what’s right?

Here’s a simple guide to follow when selecting the number of sets and rep ranges for resistance training. Ultimately the GOAL of your training will determine the number of sets, reps and rest time.
Building MUSCLE (Hypertrophy): 3-5 sets of 6-12 reps, resting 0-60 seconds between each set.
In order to increase the size of your muscle you MUST lift heavy. Aim for 75-85% of your maximum. The last three reps of your set should be really tough. No amount of body weight lunges will build a juicy butt!
Increasing STRENGTH: 4-6 sets of 1-5 reps, resting 3-5 minutes between sets.
Strength exercises should be performed fast and explosive at 85-100% of your maximum. So go heavier and do less!
Muscle ENDURANCE: 1-3 sets of 12-20 reps, resting up to 90 seconds between sets. 
To build endurance, keep the intensity lower than your strength and hypertrophy training at approx 50%-70% of your max. This will allow you to perform a higher number of reps. This is a good range for beginners to resistance training. Exercises should be performed slow and controlled!
Fat reduction is generally what the ladies are aiming for. Reduction of body fat will be a result of combining strength and hypertrophy training… and absolutely your DIET.
FAT LOSS: Aim for 4 to 5 sets of 12 to 15 reps of each exercise. Keep the intensity high with shorter rest periods of 30 seconds between sets. 
Incorporate circuit training into your strength-training program for increased fat loss. Circuit training consists of performing a series of exercises, back-to-back, with little rest. Because of its intense, fast-paced layout, circuit training can help your body burn calories throughout the day. Utilise a high rep range and multi-joint exercises for maximum caloric burn and efficiency. Try a full-body circuit-training routine.
Engage in resistance training 3-5 times per week with a couple of cardio sessions on your off days AND of course a rest day is compulsory! Do not forget that increasing lean muscle mass will result in more calories being burned during exercise and throughout the day, promoting fat loss. Do not be afraid to pick up some heavy weights and keep your workouts varied. Try alternating days between hypertrophy and strength using  the ranges described above to keep your workouts challenging!  I hope this helps!!

Friday Body BURN


clementine_pumpitup_barbellHit your ENTIRE BODY this weekend with this workout. You’ll need a medium weight kettlebell, heavy dumbbells and a stability ball (no ball, no problem, option provided).


Excuse the facials throughout the circuit, I was actually working out!!
Kick off the workout with the KETTLEBELL SWING. This is going to blast your entire core. Focus on keeping your belly pulled in throughout the movement to protect your lower back, keeping your weight balanced evenly across your feet. Swing the KB out with straight arms, aiming for full range of motion so your arms are fully extended overhead. At the same time make sure you are ‘popping’ your hips open and squeezing your butt when your hips are in full extension. 30 REPS
      IMG_4598      IMG_4600
DUMBBELL CLEAN & PRESS – these can be a wee bit tricky to get the hang of initially but worth learning as this is two movements in one. Here’s a video of the DB Hang Clean & Press. This requires a lot of stabilization from your trunk. From the standing position, hang the DB’s by your side and dip slightly pushing your butt back so that the DB’s are hanging by your mid thigh. Then jump up, shrugging your shoulders and fully extending your hips, pulling the DB’s onto the shoulders. Try to keep the DB’s as close to your body as possible through the pull. From here, press the DB’s directly overhead, with full extension of the arms. 15 REPS
IMG_4604   IMG_4607   IMG_4605
SINGE LEG ROMANIAN DEADLIFTS – I love these as they are really challenging. They will really test your balance and core strength aswell as strengthen your hammy’s and butt! Great leg exercise. I used a KB for added weight but you can do this with a dumbbell or body weight – just increase the reps if you have no resistance. Hold the weight on same side as the standing leg. With your core locked in tight, bend forward with a straight back, extending your opposite leg straight behind you. This can be performed with a straight leg or a slight bend in it. Tap the weight on the ground and come back up to standing. 12 REPS ON ONE LEG, THEN REPEAT ON THE OTHER – NO REST
IMG_4619      IMG_4618
IMG_4612Follow this with a BACKWARD LUNGE. Standing on a slightly raised step, step your foot back lowering your body into a deep lunge, tapping your knee on the ground. Bring your back foot back to the standing position whilst driving through the front heel and quad. Keep your entire core engaged and squeeze your butt at the end.12 REPS ON ONE LEG, THEN REPEAT ON THE OTHER – NO REST.   Finish up the circuit with a STABILITY BALL CRUNCH. Balance your feet on the ball whilst in the high plank position. Your entire body needs to be engaged to stabilize your body throughout the movement. Keeping your belly pulled in tight, bring your knees into to your body and then push back out. If you don’t have a stability ball, perform plank thrusts on the ground. This is going to BURN your abs!! 20 REPS

IMG_4615      IMG_4616

Complete the CIRCUIT 3 TIMES.

Let me know if you’ve any questions. Have a great weekend!!

Bloglovin – what an eye opener!

Yesterday evening I spent time on Bloglovin creating a profile and trawling through other blogs as recommended by fellow blogger Mrs Meldrum. I was so surprised by the size of the blogging community! It’s HUGE! There’s such an amazing variety of blogs that it was a little overwhelming! It left me thinking where do I want my blog to go? What do people want to read about? What do I want to read about? My head was buzzing and I struggled to sleep for thinking about post ideas.
What was wonderful to see was the support of the bloggers of one another. I’m really excited about joining and becoming a part of the blogging community and looking forward to connecting with people with similar interests and experiences. I feel like this is the start of a really exciting journey and I hope you enjoy it with me! If you haven’t checked out Bloglovin before have a gander – Follow my blog with Bloglovin.