Okay time to work up a sweat and burn off any excess calories you may have indulged in over the weekend. I needed to get my butt in gear this morning after a couple of wines last night and tonight I’m heading out for an early birthday dinner with friends! So no doubt more wine!
I posted a video of the BURPEE DEADLIFT, check it out if you haven’t seen it. Grab yourself a timer (you can download an app for your phone). You want to set it to the following 

4 Rounds

1 minute per exercise

30 seconds rest between each exercise

1 minute rest between rounds

You should have a total of 19 minutes on your timer. Make sure you warm up your body sufficiently for at least 5 minutes before kicking off the circuit. Here are your three exercises –
  • Burpee Deadlifts

  • Full Kettlebell Swings

  • Weighted Reverse Lunge

I selected a moderate weight for the kettlebell and used dumbbells for the lunges as the rep range is pretty high with a full minutes work. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Sunday!


My weekend fundamentals

There are three things that I love to do on the weekend – eat, explore and exercise – especially with my hubby. Houston’s weather has finally flipped to Fall and it’s beautiful! The humidity has departed until next year and even though it’s November, it resembles a warm summers day in Scotland! IMG_4566 Not to harp on about things I miss from home, BUT I do miss the outdoors of Scotland. The cool, fresh air and abundance of woodland trails and mountains, right on your doorstep! Throughout the Houston summer, I find myself running from one air conditioned place to the next to avoid sweating like a pig so it’s fab to get outside and stretch the legs! I’m out of action at the moment due to a groin strain so I’m limited to walking, yoga and some upper body movements until it’s healed. So after a very lazy morning enjoying the extra hour in bed with the clocks changing, we decided to hit up Memorial Park and explore the trails on the other side of the running track.
IMG_4537There are a number of trails colour coded for all levels. There are mountain bike trails and these can be a little more challenging with lots of stones and tree roots to clamber over. The woodland was very dry and in dire need of a rain shower to put some life into it. The trails are poorly marked so it wasn’t long until we were off the beaten track and found ourselves at a Railway Track. It turned out to be a fun playground for us. Push ups, yoga poses and squat drills for Ross were on the list. It’s frustrating not to be bashing out the squats with him but I have to give myself a reality check, rest the body for recovery and be thankful that I’m lucky enough to have days like these and enjoy the outdoors together!
IMG_4549   IMG_4548
Life becomes so hectic and our evenings are spent training at CrossFit, in front of a laptop or watching a TV series on Netflix! (damn you Netflix for being so amazing!). Rest days and the weekend are all about quality time together, talking and having fun with my partner in crime.
True Food Kitchen was next on the agenda for a large Sunday dinner. It’s quite a tradition in the Provan household to have a big feed early afternoon to take us through the evening and have a snack for dinner. We’d visited True Food Kitchen with friends recently and I was SO excited by the menu that I’ve been dying to get back there. The restaurant is based on the Dr Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet. All produce is locally sourced, organic and of the highest standard with vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options for the masses. The menu is creative, EVERYTHING sounds delicious and it’s reasonably priced.
FullSizeRenderIt was AMAZING! Fresh, tasty and above all, healthy and nutritious. I’d honestly eat everything on the menu. Today I had a Kale-Aid juice – a tasty combo of kale, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger. Definitely one to re-create at home! For my main I enjoyed a warm Autumn Ingredient Salad with Steelhead Salmon Fillet. So so so good. Ross had a honey lemonade with a chicken sausage pizza and he too loved it. So much flavour from simple ingredients. I highly recommend this place for the fit foodie that loves to eat out knowing that the produce on their plate is of the highest standard and cooked with ‘health’ in mind.
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